Kaori Yasumoto / contemporary artist





She grew up watching her mother's design drawing at home at a young age.She was advised to advance to Municipal University as a junior high school art teacher and decided to art road.

大阪芸術大学 芸術学部 デザイン学科 インテリアコース卒


堺美術協会 会員

行動展 堺美術協会展 堺市展

Osaka University of the Arts Faculty of Arts Department of Design Department of Interior Course
Member of the Japan Federation of Artists
Koudoh Arts Association friend
Member of Sakai Art Association
Koudoh Exhibition
Sakai Art Association Exhibition
Sakai City Exhibition
Exhibition activity at numerous museums and galleries both at home and abroad, including solo exhibitions and group exhibitions



1992  二科展デザイン部 奨励賞

1994  関西二科展デザイン部 特選賞

2006 堺市展 市長賞  

    勤美展   大阪府知事賞

    創造展   奨励賞

2007 行動展 会友推挙

2016 アートストリーム グランプリ NHK賞

2021 抽象画展 佳作 グレイキューブギャラリー

Award history


1992  Nika Design Exhibition     Incentive Award

1994 Kansai Nika Exhibition   Special Prize

2006 Sakai City Exhibition    Mayor Prize

         Kimbi Exhibition    Osaka Governor Award

         Sohzo Exhibition    Incentive Award

2007 Kohdo Art Exhibition    Kaiyu Award

2016 Art Stream   Grand Prix  NHK Award

2021 Abstract Show January 2021 Honorable mention

Grey Cube Gallery